Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Well, convocation = 3 days of hectic rushing here and there, never ending smiling and posing for photos, really happy to meet old friends, really nice flowers and gifts, and also huge amount of money spent =P

Haha... But it was indeed a very very happy experience. We were all chatting and laughing all the way, from queueing until in the hall =) And I always remembered that WT and I have vowed that we will graduate together on the first day (back then 1st class will all graduate on 1st day). And now we've made it =)
And it felt super nice when you're in the hall sitting with all your coursemates, then turn around and talk to garfield and Cloud and JM, while Mil was just 2 rows in front of me. It felt really good when everyone that you treasure the most are right around you in the glorious moment =)
And of course my parents were there, but they were seated kinda faraway though. I must admit that it feels so good to stay at home, have dinner and chat with them every night. It's definitely worth whatever amount of allowance that I'm missing out =)

OK. Now, time for some photos.... (in chronological order)

Dean's List Award Ceremony

Chin Liang - my dear bro who helped with everything from robe collection to flower orders =)

FKA Final years (2007)

Jeng Shiunn - dear HYB junior who have been with me through ups and downs

Eljay!! - Best partner, from thesis to rubbish picking =P

Cross relationships: housemate - colleague - couple - friend

Lio... roar... hahaha...

HYB UTM Mandarin Class juniors =)


PELTAC 2007 =)

Anugerah NC Winner =) so proud of you...

My Sis...

Coming up next: Houston Trip =)

Updates =)

Wow, it's been so long since I last posted anything. I really need to discipline myself and devote some time to share 2 important events that occured recently: Houston trip and Convocation =)

Anyway life's busy. 8 hrs a day goes to work, and I think I only have 4 hrs free time everyday, and from which I'll spend an hour on phone, an hour on TV (or more), dinner one hour, online one hour...

Work's busy too. Spending a lot of time on attending courses or things other than work....

Anyway I lurve to be busy =)