Saturday, December 27, 2008

Expensive Hobby

No more turning back... Cause I have started my (probably) endless "investment" in photography after I bought the EF-S 18-200mm lense on Xmas day... Most of the people's jaw dropped when they heard that I bought a lense before I actually have a camera... hahahaha....

*Garfield is still in "shock"... hasn't quite really accepted the fact that I'm pouring so much money in this....*

1. Canon 400D - bought at USD 315 (RM 1100)
2. Hoya Pro1 Digital UV Filter (for my beloved lense....) - bought at RM 140
3. Canon EF-S 18-200mm IS lens
4. DIY Dry Box
5. Camera Bag

Shopping list:
1. Tripod - maybe RM 300
2. 50mm f/1.8
3. Remote control
4. ......... (to be continued)........

Guess that's all I need for now (at least for 1st 2 years...)

*YJ: still there? or pengsan ady? hahahaha.....*

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

My Boss

After working for 18 months, today is my 1st day at work - boss-less... My 70 years old Indian Santa boss has finally decided that he has had enough and it's time to retire again (probably for the 4th time). 2 weeks ago we brought him to Jogoya for his farewell lunch. And from now on whenever I am in trouble, I could only call him between 8am-12pm (that's 7pm - 11pm in Houston).

Wanna know how a 70 years old Indian Santa look like?

Posing happily with his shield....

Next thing you know...

Well, this is what we called as EDUCATION....

Monday, December 22, 2008


I think I need to write this down... I don't think I want to forget this dream....
Because in this dream, Garfield decided to dump me for another girl whom he only met for a day!


But I guess the most shocking part of the story is - the dream scared me awake, and I woke up with tears on my cheek...

Hmm. For the past 2 years I have been self -defensive (and to a certain extent - selfish) when it comes to relationship. Maybe I was too afraid to over-commit like I once did. Or maybe subconsciously I was just too cynical. I wonder whether he has noticed - but I hardly used the word "love"...

But the tears on my cheek made me realized - no matter how cynical I was, I am now deeply attached to this man. Call it love... bond... whatever it is.

So, this day... is the day that I declare myself "deeply and happily in love"...

Friday, November 28, 2008


I guess I hold the record of attending the most PELTACs - very soon I'll be flying to JB for my 6th PELTAC =D (but my identity changes for each camp.)

Come to think of it, PELTAC has really shaped who I am today - my good old friends, my uni memories, and even my bf... they all have something to do with PELTAC.

Most of my friends whom I hold dearest to my heart are from PELTAC...
I still remember how I cried into YJ's big broad chest when I was slapped by a participant...
I still remember how I "dared" the SC to include cash flow game into the camp as long as I can find the money needed =P
Still remember how it felt to be DM... and I'm still very attached to many PELTAC DMs (my bf... YJ... and the upcoming DM)

Forever proud to be PELTACer!

p/s: If you don't understand the acronyms, just ignore this post =P but if you can understand what I'm writing here, it's time for you to give me a call and let's meet up for coffee =)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

10 Things I Like About Miri

1. MV and BS and AB and many many more friends...
2. Laksa
3. Midin
4. Kelabit food
5. Clubbing kakis.... (same as item #1)
6. Thai Bar
7. Gatherings at Ade's place
8. Lunch/dinner with Structural gang
9. Dota sessions...
10. I can use GCC here!!! Wahahahaha......

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jay Chou

Finally realized - that I am again willing to, and ready to, listen to Jay Chou...


Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1st Anniversary of Working Life

My blog has been abandoned for quite some time. I was just too busy because of everything else - work, training, facebook, getting sick/getting rid of wisdom tooth....

On 18 June I "celebrated" my 1st anniversary of working life. I put this up in my MSN personal message, and guess what, most of the people who nudge me with their comments were pretty sarcastic. But truth is my 1st year wasn't really that bad - in fact much much better compared to my expectation.

In the past 12 months:
1. I flew more than the total accummulated miles that I flew in the 22 years before I started working.
2. I guess I had a real spike of my cholesterol level. I had oysters and lobsters and whatever good (aka unhealthy) food more than I have ever had.
3. I think I spent less money on shopping compared to uni time. Anyway I'm starting to get bored of my wardrobe.
4. Generally... I had a good time =) (especially having nice colleagues that you genuinely wish to hang out with after working hours!)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vote for Kuala Lumpur @

Guys and girls, Monopoly is having a poll now and the top 20 cities with the most vote will be featured on the new World version of Monopoly =)

Support KL!!!

Lazy... or Busy?

Ops, my laziness has struck again and I simply lost the motivation to write or upload anything.
I just don't understand why I'm so busy.
I can leave office at 5.15pm.
I got no husband or children to take care.
I got no second job, not even singing.
I dont need to do laundry or cook.

But I do go to gym twice a week.
I do spend one hour a day on TV.
I do spend an average of one hour a day chatting with friends (which I hope that it does help me to remain in touch with them).
I do spend an hour on dinner and chatting with my parents.
And of course one hour on the road travelling to work and back.
And occasionally one to two hours of cosy relaxing time at Garfield's place.

Weekends are always packed with gatherings with friends and family.
I'm still struggling to decide whether I should spend my weekends doing something "productive" (like singing) or spend them on "unproductive" activities like singing K with friends or playing mahjong with my aunties.
But frequent travelling makes it practically impossible for me to commit into singing.
At least from now till April, I don't see that I can stay in KL for 2 consecutive weekends.

Ok la, gotta get back to my spring cleaning.
My room is really messy now, since the last time I "cleaned up" was 7 months ago (before I started work), hahaha....

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm Back.

Can't believe that I have not been updating my blog for almost 3 months. I was just too busy (or lazy?) to blog I guess.

OK OK. Really should make some time and upload some photos =P

Major updates:
1. Miri - Kuching - Brunei - KK trip (EP00 course) - Entire November
2. Jolin Concert - 15 Dec 2007
3. Several coursemate/family/Ranhill-Shell gatherings
4. Paint Ball Game

Upcoming plans:
1. Must see! - Jogoya buffet dinner - Jan 08
2. Company dinner - International Cultural Night - Jan 08
3. CNY - Feb 08
4. Cambodia trip (cant wait!) - 19-23 March 08

Hehe... 1st of 2008 is gonna be busy for me... and I still owe auntie chop and chang quan a meal...