Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Freezing in hotel lobby...

Onlining using the public computers in the hotel lobby, the only downside of it is that its freezing cold here... all thanks to azl, who locked the laptop in his room while he went out for a free trip around Houston with one of our colleagues in Houston =P

Too cold to think... and since garfield is leaving his office for lunch, I might as well just go back n prepare to sleep...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Jet Lag

Help... it's 4am now and i cant sleep... anyway this is the 3rd time that i woke up in the middle of tonight's sleep... guess my bio clock is too excellent... help...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

1st day in Houston

We arrived at the hotel about 12am last night after 24 hours of flight and transits. Was very very exhausted and the jet lag was causing me headaches. Then I started to wonder whether I'm really those "travelling" type of people. The kinda adventurous spirit that I had when I travelled alone around California 2 years ago seemed to have evaporated. I dont really feel that excited to be away. Instead, I started to really miss everything that I have in Malaysia.

My bed baby doggy garfield wira and mobile communication... Maybe I'm too used to talking over the phone everyday for an hour, too used to driving around without having to walk (today we walked 15 mins under the burning sun just to get to Wal Mart)... I'm just home sick...

Using a public computer in the lobby now, coz azl is using the laptop....

Will have more updates (and photos) when I get the laptop (if I have time)...

(time shown is local time in Houston)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thanks =)

Today is a happy day (though a rather unlucky one)...
I received wishes from garfield, Jun Hao, Qian Zheng, Chin Liang, Wen Jie, CQ, Lian See, Yew Fatt, Sook Fun, TL, FS, Mildred, Yew Jin
Received 2 lovely presents from Mildred and garfield =) thanks a lot... hugs...

And garfield brought me to Roadhouse Grill (along Jln Ampang) for dinner =)
well, why I said today was a rather unlucky day? We took bus to the restaurant. But it rained so heavily until we got stucked at the bus stop overlooking the restaurant for almost 15 mins. And when we finally ran into the place, both our pants r half wet. I was shivering top to bottom when I sat down at the table...
But the soup and hot drink was good, particularly for a cold hungry person like me...

Chic "o" Chino (cappucino + milo) RM 4.50
a bucket of peanuts on the table - eat all you can for free =P

Hot Chicken Pasta Soup RM7.50

Super big portion Fish and Chips RM 18.90

Country Chicken Chop with mushroom sauce RM 23.90

Well, gotta go back to packing now... flying in 3 days time and my bag is still half empty...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Boycott Ci**bank

In foul mood now, better jot it down now before garfield helps to flush away all my anger... need a reminder of this incident so that I'll remember to complain kao kao and lobby everyone around to boycott this bank!!!

OK. Here's what happened.

3 weeks ago, garfield, Lio and me were persuaded by a nice lady from Ci**bank to sign up for their credit card. She kept stressing that it's very very easy to get a card from this bank, free for life, and we'll be fine without our pay slip as they only need our employment contract.

And so we thought, well yeah, nothing to lose, and we filled in the form n sent in our contract.

Then passed a week. and 2. and 3.

i got more and more anxious as I really need the card for my US trip. I tried calling that lady to her desk phone and also her cell phone (numbers are provided on her business card which I now doubt whether its a coax). She never picked up the phone.

Today I lost my patience. 4 days away from my flight to US. I cant just sit and wait. I called the card center and guess what? I found out that they've rejected my application 2 weeks ago and they never bother to inform me!!!!

I got really really pissed off and i demanded the customer service ppl to give me an explanation.
But all they could say is:
"The reason of rejection is confidential."
"We're very sorry"
"Would you like me to pass the call to that sales agent?"

Cant believe that this is how the so-called international bank do business.

My points are:
1. If you reject, thank you very much, please inform me so that I can go to other banks who would like to earn my money.

2. I feel very uncomfortable now with the fact that I was never able to contact the sales agent. I'm seriously doubting whether she has taken our personal details and sold it for some bad reasons.

3. Never trust in these so-called international BIG banks. The way they do business is just as nasty as any other roadside hawkers. They just dont value their potential customers (well, they may think that I'm poor now, but I wont be poor forever), and they failed to realize that all those people that they don't value have mouths too (and blogs).

So people, I believe there are other banks who would put in more respect and value in their customers. At least I never felt so pissed off throughout my whole life while I'm banking with M**bank.

Boycott Ci**bank.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Been very busy this week, totally the opposite of the so-called honeymoon life for new grads that I heard from seniors...

But the good news is - my Houston trip is confirmed!! XD
So will be there for 2 weeks for a course, and plan to visit Pei at LA during the transit...
(But I guess I wont be going overseas in the next whole year... the costs is so huge to send us to Houston...)

Plenty of things to do now for the trip... somemore with my original work load... and hopefully everything goes well next monday so that I can go Miri for training (and see MV) =)
just cant wait to see my dear fren and claim my free dinner... haha...

Sunday, July 1, 2007


Spent whole day in KLCC: morning went to work out at gym (and i'm getting more and more addicted to gym), and afternoon we watched Transformers...

I've never been a fan of transformers, so I went in with a total blank mind with no idea of what's going on at all except knowing that these transformers are a pile of metal pieces who "
transforms" =P

Well, overall I liked the movie. Plenty of humour in it, in fact the whole cinema laughed all the way (except of the final fighting part of course). And the auto-bots are so cute =P but the downside of the movie is, the actions are just too exciting for me until i felt a bit drowsy with those flying up and down scenes...

And another surprise - Linkin Park's what I've done is a major soundtrack, and it appeared in the movie!! (i'm ashamed to say that I'm a LP fan...)