Monday, July 16, 2007

Boycott Ci**bank

In foul mood now, better jot it down now before garfield helps to flush away all my anger... need a reminder of this incident so that I'll remember to complain kao kao and lobby everyone around to boycott this bank!!!

OK. Here's what happened.

3 weeks ago, garfield, Lio and me were persuaded by a nice lady from Ci**bank to sign up for their credit card. She kept stressing that it's very very easy to get a card from this bank, free for life, and we'll be fine without our pay slip as they only need our employment contract.

And so we thought, well yeah, nothing to lose, and we filled in the form n sent in our contract.

Then passed a week. and 2. and 3.

i got more and more anxious as I really need the card for my US trip. I tried calling that lady to her desk phone and also her cell phone (numbers are provided on her business card which I now doubt whether its a coax). She never picked up the phone.

Today I lost my patience. 4 days away from my flight to US. I cant just sit and wait. I called the card center and guess what? I found out that they've rejected my application 2 weeks ago and they never bother to inform me!!!!

I got really really pissed off and i demanded the customer service ppl to give me an explanation.
But all they could say is:
"The reason of rejection is confidential."
"We're very sorry"
"Would you like me to pass the call to that sales agent?"

Cant believe that this is how the so-called international bank do business.

My points are:
1. If you reject, thank you very much, please inform me so that I can go to other banks who would like to earn my money.

2. I feel very uncomfortable now with the fact that I was never able to contact the sales agent. I'm seriously doubting whether she has taken our personal details and sold it for some bad reasons.

3. Never trust in these so-called international BIG banks. The way they do business is just as nasty as any other roadside hawkers. They just dont value their potential customers (well, they may think that I'm poor now, but I wont be poor forever), and they failed to realize that all those people that they don't value have mouths too (and blogs).

So people, I believe there are other banks who would put in more respect and value in their customers. At least I never felt so pissed off throughout my whole life while I'm banking with M**bank.

Boycott Ci**bank.


Kevin said...

Hahaha, well when dealing with credit card agent, the bank normally wont bother to tell you because it should be under the burden of the agent. So, tips no 1, nvr go to roadside agent (they just want to get as much as application form and send to bank, ask those AEON credit card ppl, our coursemates). Just go directly to the bank, they will layout all the details on the term and condition. Every Bank also had its bad side only that you have met you met one..haha

Lazy Mouse said...

Hmm... I never knew that you're Kevin... hahaha...

Well, I've ady heard tales about this bank before this, how they rejected my dad's friend's card application (mind you, he's a owner of an established consultancy firm!). maybe i just don understand their selection logic...

areann said...

haha... ci**bank.
sounded like cibaibank.
but thx for informing!

that day u said abt soundign the fitness first ppl, semalam i went to sound celeb fitness' people until the manager (who was BIG and bald and angmoh....very intimidating) had to talk to me. but have to act la. maintain composure. but really one, some sales ppl memang damn cibai one. dun sound them cannot one. no ethics AT ALL.

Lazy Mouse said...

Talking about fitness first, the only way that you can avoid from being taken advantage over by these sales person, is that you go around different clubs asking for the rate. They'll fight among each other to give you better rate, and only through this, you'll be able to find out about promotions that they'll never tell you during your 1st visit. they'll only confess to you that they do know about such promotions (which would help you save a lot!) when you challenge them with rates that you got from other branches.

I never think that ETHICS is one of the attributes of a sales person (perhaps thats the last thing they need). By not telling us about all those promotions, they're hoping to make us pay more and thus they'll get more commission.

Some people might think that I'm taking too much trouble surveying around for gym. But since most of them wants you to sign up for at least a year, even a reduction of RM10 a month can become a significant sum.

bao said...

Hihi, regarding this credit card thingy. i just learnt from my fren tat the agent has quota to fight. My fren work as agent and ask me to collect application for her. she said no approve nvm, she just wanna hit the target. huh...all my collegues are urgently need the credit card. luckily i din help her out. By the way, for credit card application normally after you summit. in a week or two will have ppl call u for verification. I am currently applying for hsbc card. roadshow agent. get it or not still a question mark. hehe... good luck to u!