Thursday, July 5, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Been very busy this week, totally the opposite of the so-called honeymoon life for new grads that I heard from seniors...

But the good news is - my Houston trip is confirmed!! XD
So will be there for 2 weeks for a course, and plan to visit Pei at LA during the transit...
(But I guess I wont be going overseas in the next whole year... the costs is so huge to send us to Houston...)

Plenty of things to do now for the trip... somemore with my original work load... and hopefully everything goes well next monday so that I can go Miri for training (and see MV) =)
just cant wait to see my dear fren and claim my free dinner... haha...


mv said...


wat dinner?

hahaha. :P

wat kinda food u prefer? italian? japanese? chinese? kelabit?

hehe. see u soon!!

Lazy Mouse said...

I would prefer to have everything =P