Thursday, May 24, 2007


Been procrastinating seriously this few days. Eat sleep eat sleep. Occasionally write a word or two for my Bali travel diary. Watch drama. Sigh.

I'm very disappointed when Dyg told me that I still have to wait for my official result before I can start work. Seems like my plan to start working by June is quite impossible now. Sigh. (i need marney...)(and i just hate to procrastinate...)

Anyway I'm working on a list of 100 things that I wanna do. So far I can only think of some charity stuff and travelling plans.
(sounds like i hv some boring dreams...)

So any suggestions??

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bali Photo Albums

While I'm slowly writing those travel reports, you guys can 1st enjoy these photos that I've uploaded.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

eh... pls be patient... line damn bad here...

Check out my

Friday, May 18, 2007

Back from Bali =)

Hi everyone. Finally I'm back from Bali with a 20% heavier luggage + 250 pcs of photos. Hehe.
Fell sick during the last day so taking a few days to rest before I start writing my travel report which will posted in both English (in this blog) and Mandarin (cari forum).
Loads of photos will be uploaded along with detailed description and pricing food, accommodation and transport.
(I'm very grateful for those sharing provided on cari forum. Without their posts, my Bali trip won't be so fruitful. So now its time for me to share mine =)

Group photo taken at Tirta Empul

Group photo taken at Kintamani overlooking Mt Batur (volcano)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bali Bali here I come...

Wah. Getting more and more excited. 2 more days and I'll be off to Bali!!!
My last oversea vacation was 1.5 yrs ago. Whole family went to China. We ended up extending the trip cause - me and my sis lost our passports. Lolz.

But now, the 2 Miss Chongs are off for vacations again!
RH is currently in Macau/Hongkong now. (not sure where she is. her itinerary remains a mistery to us.)

It only took me less than 30 mins to pack 80% of my luggage. Guess i'm quite an experienced traveller. Haha.
Now what's left to pack are only those tiny miny things such as comb and tooth brush.
(and myself.)

Tomorrow going to Klang to visit my aunt - and my cousin's newborn son =)

The famous Lala Fried Noodle at Teluk Gong's seafood restaurant

Aleydis Ng Hao Lun - my cousin's newborn son... cute leh...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

1st Class

Finally all results are out. And i'm officially a 1st class student. Kekeke...
Sent my results to HR ady, hopefully can start working by June.
It's really boring to sit at home with nothing particularly to do except of eat sleep and watch TV.

Most importantly - I need marney... muahahaha

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Calm down, calm down

You know. I really need to stop getting annoyed by these worthless idiots and get on with life. And i'm on my way deleting all those idiotic faces in my friendster list that appeared in that picture. I need a new life. Not a life that is stuck neither here nor there. If I had to, I'll just have to cut ties with some friends though its painful (not really painful actually, except of TY). I guess its good for them too; at least they don't need to get stuck in between.

Anyway lately, surprisingly, I find my circle of friend is being blessed with many new entrees (such as Nad, Bao, EJ, HG, Lio etc etc). I'm certainly very very grateful for their hands of friendship at this time of choas and change.

You people can just continue thinking i'm a bitch. (badmouth/bitch about me and what-not)
I don't really care. (even though i get annoyed, but i'll get over it within hours)
And my FRIENDS wont care either.

And certainly my Bali trip will flush all you idiots out of my head.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Dont be sad *hugs*

Don't be sad my dear.

Cheer up =)

Look up to the ever expanding blue sky - it is always smiling at you =)


Monday, May 7, 2007

Bali Trip - Prog Tentative =)

Draft of prog tentative that I just prepared =)

14 May
7.15am Gather at KL Sentral McD
7.30am Take off from Sentral via bus
8.30am Gather at LCCT, check in luggage

3pm - Gather at hotel lobby, head for half day tour (Nusa dua + Uluwatu + Jimbaran seafood dinner)

9pm - back to kuta/hotel

15 May
Free and easy around Kuta and Denpasar area.
Maybe we'll gather for a decent dinner together. If you come across any nice restaurant please recommend.

16 May
Full day tour - take off around 8am
Check out from Kuta's hotel, we'll drop off our luggage at Ubud's hotel.
Kintamani (volcano) + Tegallalang + Tirta Empul + Gua gajah + Sukawati (shopping, flower petals)

17 May
White water rafting @ telaga waja river (lunch included in the package)
We'll check out from the hotel before we leave for rafting
3pm (directly after rafting) - spa @ verona/zen
5pm - leave Ubud (pick up luggage from Tegal sari), head to airport
6pm - reach airport, check in

Return flight takes off at 20:10

I suggest we spend a night at airport on 17 May. Further details we can figure out when we meet for the trip.

Budget (per pax) (roughly RM1 = IDR 2500)
Hotel IDR 116600 (Kuta hotel we only paid one night as deposit)
Rafting IDR 210000
Transport IDR 150000 (rough estimation for the entire 4 days)
Airport tax IDR 100000
Spa IDR 115000 - 150000 (1 hr 45 mins session)
Dirty Duck dinner @ Ubud (Day 3 dinner) - USD 15 (IDR 135000) this is optional
Jimbaran seafood dinner (Day 1 dinner) - (not sure how much yet)

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I'm blessed =)

I'm writing this to express my gratitude to a very special friend.

These few days my mood had been quite rocky. Guess you can sense it through my blog posts. Sometimes i really wonder whether i'm too xiao qi and sensitive. But i just couldnt help but feel depressed when those unhappy thoughts lingered in my mind. (and this super hot weather is really driving me nuts.) And being an evil girl who wished to re-claim all her privileges as girl that she had missed for the past few years, I throwed tantrum to him (almost everyday). Pity him right?

But he took them all, into his super huge capacity rubbish bin. And he kept apologizing and trying to make me feel better even though he has did nothing that annoyed me. He's so understanding, and he didnt even complaint about my emotional instability.

I'm blessed, with an angel cum rubbish bin =)
Thank you *hugs*


Cool. Somebody has approached me to become their band's vocalist. Cool.
Seems like they're quite established. Released a demo few years ago, have their own website.

I'm still considering. I don't mind joining them occasionally for some jamming and gigs, but i doubt whether i could really commit as a band member. So still considering.

For now, my 1st option will still be singing in cafes. There are 2 min ge cafes around my area. Plan to go for audition after i settle down with my job.

But it feels good to be "wanted" rather than always a disposable item.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Good night

Going to sleep now.
My mood is much better now, special thanks to the Lion =)
for keeping me in company through MSN...

It's always great to have good friends.
Good night and cheers =)

Taken for granted

Just now got myself in bad mood. Feel kinda fed up being idiotically helpful, when people around me just wont appreciate. Honestly saying, I dont really feel bad when people dont appreciate. It's when those that you're helping actually starts to complain about the "quality" of your help, that really drives you crazy.

Honestly saying, I'm in a bit of dilemma now. I just got complaint for not being punctual for dinner; well, i'm the free driver actually (free driving + car + petrol). Not that I really wanted to have dinner with this guy though. Simply because, I'm fetching his housemate, and i love his other housemates too, so i dont mind fetching him along for meals.

OK. And now i'm organizing a trip to Bali with 9 tour members (including that guy). Can you imagine how terrified I am? I really don know how much more complaints I would need to deal with when we're there; and the worst part about it, I'm not making a bloody cent by doing all these stupid tour organizing jobs! And during the course of arranging, I would have to make some decisions on behalf of them. I just couldnt call everyone up everytime i need to make a decision. (the phone bill's gonna cost me another return air ticket to Bali).

I'm totally terrified. I feel like backing out from the trip.

Friday, May 4, 2007

What goes around comes around

Read a coursemate's blog just now. Apparently he's feeling sad cause somebody has been spreading rumours about him. and he's wondering whether he has done something wrong. Doesn't this sound familiar? This is exactly what I've been through this whole sem; but the magnitude of my disaster is at least ten folds compared to his. (i know you'll read this sometime). and i'm sorry to say, but when he's feeling bad how others have judged and rumoured bout him, he was a part of those who judged and rumoured bout me. (maybe you din rumour, but you certainly judged using the one side story that you heard).

All these years, I loved him as a friend, always thinking that he's the kinda friend that I would wanna keep for my whole life, until he took in those one side story, believed in someone who has made as much mistakes as I did, and choose to turn away from me. I worked with him in many important occasions, I learned to admire his strengths and accept his weaknesses. When people told me the bad feelings that they had about him, I used to defend him and tell them how lovely he is. This is how I treated my friends, every single one of them including those in the fan club, until they choose to turn away from me. They didnt even bother to listen to the other part of the story. Just because a guy cried and told them his story (maybe plus a good meal), they all became his fan club members. Great.

Am I now a threat to the society? Have i harmed you in any way? Maybe you feel that a bitch like me ought to be punished. But tell me, did I really harm you? I know I hurt somebody along the way with my mistakes, but certainly you are not involved. You're just an OUTSIDER. So if I didn't harm you or threaten the society? what's the motive behind your rumouring and boycotting on me? Don't try to tell me that you didn't. I can read the signs that are written clearly on your face. And you can't lie to yourself and the Almighty who's watching over us.

If one day, you get judged and rumoured, all i can say is that you deserved it; just like how I would tell myself that I deserve all these lamenting, boycotting and torturing blessed by you guys. So next time when you open your mouth, think twice of what you are going to say. What goes around comes around.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Funny Translation (courtesy of le squid)

Sun Yanzi - love pattern (original lyric refer to previous post)

Removes everybody the judgement to receive an electric shock opposite party illuminates
Likes the speech not being possible to say as soon as adds one is the standard answer
The racket tows lets person brave everything all us
Loves gigantic everybody no matter
Unceasingly increases price the dream to grasp the microphone crazily to sing
The palpitation also is separating with the rhythm airborne to sings

Is injured records in the bill accumulation debt disappointment
The happy recollection insufficiently also vainly hoped for does not have the means exchange
Deals with did not calculate the exaggeration simply mutually lies
Oh the friend says the ratio he is also good
Finally own supper appointment loses to working overtime
In the heart prepares to have to strengthen go go go

To two turns us the number to a number
Walks to as soon as walks to two walks to has a section
Your first I second start all like this
Now turn to who body on
To two starts the number to a number to have the component
Walks to as soon as walks to two a little is swaying
You said I think two love the patterns
Circulation actually identical appearance
Or an appearance


New song by Stephanie Sun. This song is so cute, yet accurate =P
Highly recommended *thumbs up*

孙燕姿 - 爱情的花样

排除大家的眼光 触电把对方照亮
喜欢到没话可讲 一加一是标准答案
拍拖让人勇敢 凡事都我们俩
不断加码梦想 抓麦克风狂唱
心跳跟着节奏 也正在隔空中对唱

受伤就记在账单 累积负债的失望
美好回忆不够还 梦想没有办法兑换
应付不算夸张 干脆互相说谎
终于自己晚餐 约会输给加班
心里准备就要加强 go go go

数到一 数到二 变成我们俩
走到一 走到二 走到有一段
你第一 我第二 开始都这样

数到一 数到二 开始有份量
走到一 走到二 有点在摇晃
你说一 我想二 爱情的花样
循环 却同一个模样


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pissed Off

Just woke up from afternoon nap. Opened monitor. Saw a secondary school friend nudge me on MSN. 1st thing he said to me.

Wah. you very geng hor, heard you scolded your lecturer during the FYP presentation.


I got really shocked. How come he would know? Of course he has a buddy who happens to be my course junior. But how on earth would tat junior know bout this? Though I was very tensed during the presentation, but i think I remembered quite clearly that only final year students were present. How come junior would know about it?

OK. I admit that I was kinda tensed during the presentation, and I did say some rather "unwise" things to the panel. But it certainly did not went to the level of "scolding lecturer". Many of friends agreed after the session that the lecturer obviously didn't understand my project and she was trying to find fault. OK. But I didn't scold her ok?

But what really made me feel damn pissed off is - who is that bloody busy-body who took care to spread these stories around (especially to innocent juniors)? I still remember that this same junior came to talk to me during CNY - he pointed out to me that somebody among my coursemates purposely approached them and told them about my relationship issue/story. (perhaps trying to gather them to boycott me as well?).

So now it happened again. Last week another junior told me that he again heard rumours about my relationship. Apparently according to some people, I've gone back to be with HS again.


Did these people went to Hogwarts? Can conjure things out of thin air?


And now. Exaggerating on this FYP presentation thing. For what??
Trying to warn the juniors not to repeat my mistake? Don't think they're so kind.
Or simply trying to humiliate me more??

I'm gonna find out who this big mouth is.
I need to know.
And again - i'm really sick of having busy-bodies around me!!!

Get the hell out of my life.