Sunday, May 6, 2007

I'm blessed =)

I'm writing this to express my gratitude to a very special friend.

These few days my mood had been quite rocky. Guess you can sense it through my blog posts. Sometimes i really wonder whether i'm too xiao qi and sensitive. But i just couldnt help but feel depressed when those unhappy thoughts lingered in my mind. (and this super hot weather is really driving me nuts.) And being an evil girl who wished to re-claim all her privileges as girl that she had missed for the past few years, I throwed tantrum to him (almost everyday). Pity him right?

But he took them all, into his super huge capacity rubbish bin. And he kept apologizing and trying to make me feel better even though he has did nothing that annoyed me. He's so understanding, and he didnt even complaint about my emotional instability.

I'm blessed, with an angel cum rubbish bin =)
Thank you *hugs*

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