Saturday, May 12, 2007

Bali Bali here I come...

Wah. Getting more and more excited. 2 more days and I'll be off to Bali!!!
My last oversea vacation was 1.5 yrs ago. Whole family went to China. We ended up extending the trip cause - me and my sis lost our passports. Lolz.

But now, the 2 Miss Chongs are off for vacations again!
RH is currently in Macau/Hongkong now. (not sure where she is. her itinerary remains a mistery to us.)

It only took me less than 30 mins to pack 80% of my luggage. Guess i'm quite an experienced traveller. Haha.
Now what's left to pack are only those tiny miny things such as comb and tooth brush.
(and myself.)

Tomorrow going to Klang to visit my aunt - and my cousin's newborn son =)

The famous Lala Fried Noodle at Teluk Gong's seafood restaurant

Aleydis Ng Hao Lun - my cousin's newborn son... cute leh...

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