Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Calm down, calm down

You know. I really need to stop getting annoyed by these worthless idiots and get on with life. And i'm on my way deleting all those idiotic faces in my friendster list that appeared in that picture. I need a new life. Not a life that is stuck neither here nor there. If I had to, I'll just have to cut ties with some friends though its painful (not really painful actually, except of TY). I guess its good for them too; at least they don't need to get stuck in between.

Anyway lately, surprisingly, I find my circle of friend is being blessed with many new entrees (such as Nad, Bao, EJ, HG, Lio etc etc). I'm certainly very very grateful for their hands of friendship at this time of choas and change.

You people can just continue thinking i'm a bitch. (badmouth/bitch about me and what-not)
I don't really care. (even though i get annoyed, but i'll get over it within hours)
And my FRIENDS wont care either.

And certainly my Bali trip will flush all you idiots out of my head.

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