Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Pissed Off

Just woke up from afternoon nap. Opened monitor. Saw a secondary school friend nudge me on MSN. 1st thing he said to me.

Wah. you very geng hor, heard you scolded your lecturer during the FYP presentation.


I got really shocked. How come he would know? Of course he has a buddy who happens to be my course junior. But how on earth would tat junior know bout this? Though I was very tensed during the presentation, but i think I remembered quite clearly that only final year students were present. How come junior would know about it?

OK. I admit that I was kinda tensed during the presentation, and I did say some rather "unwise" things to the panel. But it certainly did not went to the level of "scolding lecturer". Many of friends agreed after the session that the lecturer obviously didn't understand my project and she was trying to find fault. OK. But I didn't scold her ok?

But what really made me feel damn pissed off is - who is that bloody busy-body who took care to spread these stories around (especially to innocent juniors)? I still remember that this same junior came to talk to me during CNY - he pointed out to me that somebody among my coursemates purposely approached them and told them about my relationship issue/story. (perhaps trying to gather them to boycott me as well?).

So now it happened again. Last week another junior told me that he again heard rumours about my relationship. Apparently according to some people, I've gone back to be with HS again.


Did these people went to Hogwarts? Can conjure things out of thin air?


And now. Exaggerating on this FYP presentation thing. For what??
Trying to warn the juniors not to repeat my mistake? Don't think they're so kind.
Or simply trying to humiliate me more??

I'm gonna find out who this big mouth is.
I need to know.
And again - i'm really sick of having busy-bodies around me!!!

Get the hell out of my life.

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