Monday, February 26, 2007

Meeting with Managers

2 weeks before this, I received a call from Shell Sarawak informing me that they've changed my 1st assignment to be based in KL. Thanks to the Law of Attraction, haha. So immediately after the CNY public holidays, I went to do the medical check up and SSB has arranged for me to meet up with 3 managers. HR manager, Capability Development Manager (which I had no idea what it is about), and Floating System Manager (this one still can figure out a bit).

And so last thursday (21 March), I went to the Shell Deepwater Engineering Office which is located in Menara Citibank, to visit my would-be-bosses. Basically they told me what kinda job i'll be doing, what kinda expectation that I can have from my job for the 1st year. And i got to look around at the office and colleagues.

Overall the job seems to be interesting. The 1st ever deepwater exploration in Malaysia. So gonne be learning about new technologies. And hopefully I'll get a chance to go Houston for my EP00 =) (And my future boss is an American =P)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Life of Indon 2

Been an Indon for 2 days consecutively - yesterday (Valentine's Day) and today. Spent whole day in the lab, smelling concrete and steel and sweat. Now my whole body is aching, especially my fingers and legs. My nails are full of stain. Only got 2 more days to clean myself up for new year...

But at least we have made some significant progress there - all the reinforcement cages are ready for installation. So the biggest part of the leftover work will be the formwork and concrete mix. (Sounds very much like I'm talking about my PSM, but it's not mine, haha)

Haven't got much progress for my own PSM though. Gotta work very very hard tonight in order to materialize my promise to my supervisor that I'll show him my skeleton model by tomorrow morning. (And I also need to scrub my toilet if I don't wanna suffer from my mum's nagging when she's here next week. Lolz)

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentine's Eve =)

Today is a good day to me. Nothing much to do with Valentine's though. Got a call from Shell, discussed about some details on when I will report to work. Best part about it, I finally get an assurance that I'll be based in KL! Haha. That solved one of the biggest problem that has been clogging my mind.

Made some progress for my Tank Model though. Just enough to overtake the guilt in my stomach that I'll be watching the Secret and most probably spend the rest of the night chatting and playing Dota =P

But anyways

Happy Valentine's Eve - to all who loves and are being loved =)

Working Holiday

Holiday doesn't seem to be much different from school days to me. But I'm actually working more harder than non-holiday times. Yesterday had a good Putri Nasi Lemak before we sent Heng Giap off for his bus ride to go home. And the food becomes extraordinarily attracting when you're starving to death after whole day's lab work. And now my whole body is aching, especially my fingers. Don't feel like doing anything at all but my thesis progress is really in red alert status. It's holiday leh!!!

Better work now. So that I can watch The Secret without guilt tonight.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Life of Indon

I really think that we should have start doing concrete structure specimens when we studied those subjects. Today is the first time that I see the actual items - reinforcement bars, links and the "pengikat". First time that I do the tying job myself. Whole day of work, and we only managed to tie the links for 6 miniature columns! OMG. Imagine the life of those who are building the real structure.

And there was a "construction site accident" this afternoon. A friend of mine lost balance when she stepped on an unstable piece of wood. Scratched a big hole on her leg. Blood came streaming down along her leg. Kinda scary though. Just wasn't aware of how dangerous it actually is to work around such labs. You can get tripped over anytime, or step onto something sharp anywhere. So to those who are working on lab projects, please be extra careful. And lab is already much much safer compared to the actual site...

Welcome to the home of Lazy Mouse =)

Got a bit bored of Friendster Blog. Too little customization allowed, very user friendly for beginners though. So I thought it's time for me to try out some new stuffs, move to a new house. Hehe...

Here I am, new house for the lazy/hungry mouse (that's how I call myself when I talk to my sis). (Don't really know what crap I wanna write....)

Nice weather today. All my babies are sleeping soundly on bed. (Baby snores) Waiting for 10am to come when I'll go meet up with En Zulkifli to discuss about the PAP Drainage plan. Then will go to concrete lab to become Bangla and tie some reinforcement bars. And I really need some "significant progress" for my Tank Model. Argh....