Thursday, February 15, 2007

Life of Indon 2

Been an Indon for 2 days consecutively - yesterday (Valentine's Day) and today. Spent whole day in the lab, smelling concrete and steel and sweat. Now my whole body is aching, especially my fingers and legs. My nails are full of stain. Only got 2 more days to clean myself up for new year...

But at least we have made some significant progress there - all the reinforcement cages are ready for installation. So the biggest part of the leftover work will be the formwork and concrete mix. (Sounds very much like I'm talking about my PSM, but it's not mine, haha)

Haven't got much progress for my own PSM though. Gotta work very very hard tonight in order to materialize my promise to my supervisor that I'll show him my skeleton model by tomorrow morning. (And I also need to scrub my toilet if I don't wanna suffer from my mum's nagging when she's here next week. Lolz)

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