Monday, February 12, 2007

Life of Indon

I really think that we should have start doing concrete structure specimens when we studied those subjects. Today is the first time that I see the actual items - reinforcement bars, links and the "pengikat". First time that I do the tying job myself. Whole day of work, and we only managed to tie the links for 6 miniature columns! OMG. Imagine the life of those who are building the real structure.

And there was a "construction site accident" this afternoon. A friend of mine lost balance when she stepped on an unstable piece of wood. Scratched a big hole on her leg. Blood came streaming down along her leg. Kinda scary though. Just wasn't aware of how dangerous it actually is to work around such labs. You can get tripped over anytime, or step onto something sharp anywhere. So to those who are working on lab projects, please be extra careful. And lab is already much much safer compared to the actual site...

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