Monday, February 26, 2007

Meeting with Managers

2 weeks before this, I received a call from Shell Sarawak informing me that they've changed my 1st assignment to be based in KL. Thanks to the Law of Attraction, haha. So immediately after the CNY public holidays, I went to do the medical check up and SSB has arranged for me to meet up with 3 managers. HR manager, Capability Development Manager (which I had no idea what it is about), and Floating System Manager (this one still can figure out a bit).

And so last thursday (21 March), I went to the Shell Deepwater Engineering Office which is located in Menara Citibank, to visit my would-be-bosses. Basically they told me what kinda job i'll be doing, what kinda expectation that I can have from my job for the 1st year. And i got to look around at the office and colleagues.

Overall the job seems to be interesting. The 1st ever deepwater exploration in Malaysia. So gonne be learning about new technologies. And hopefully I'll get a chance to go Houston for my EP00 =) (And my future boss is an American =P)

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