Saturday, May 5, 2007

Taken for granted

Just now got myself in bad mood. Feel kinda fed up being idiotically helpful, when people around me just wont appreciate. Honestly saying, I dont really feel bad when people dont appreciate. It's when those that you're helping actually starts to complain about the "quality" of your help, that really drives you crazy.

Honestly saying, I'm in a bit of dilemma now. I just got complaint for not being punctual for dinner; well, i'm the free driver actually (free driving + car + petrol). Not that I really wanted to have dinner with this guy though. Simply because, I'm fetching his housemate, and i love his other housemates too, so i dont mind fetching him along for meals.

OK. And now i'm organizing a trip to Bali with 9 tour members (including that guy). Can you imagine how terrified I am? I really don know how much more complaints I would need to deal with when we're there; and the worst part about it, I'm not making a bloody cent by doing all these stupid tour organizing jobs! And during the course of arranging, I would have to make some decisions on behalf of them. I just couldnt call everyone up everytime i need to make a decision. (the phone bill's gonna cost me another return air ticket to Bali).

I'm totally terrified. I feel like backing out from the trip.

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