Friday, May 4, 2007

What goes around comes around

Read a coursemate's blog just now. Apparently he's feeling sad cause somebody has been spreading rumours about him. and he's wondering whether he has done something wrong. Doesn't this sound familiar? This is exactly what I've been through this whole sem; but the magnitude of my disaster is at least ten folds compared to his. (i know you'll read this sometime). and i'm sorry to say, but when he's feeling bad how others have judged and rumoured bout him, he was a part of those who judged and rumoured bout me. (maybe you din rumour, but you certainly judged using the one side story that you heard).

All these years, I loved him as a friend, always thinking that he's the kinda friend that I would wanna keep for my whole life, until he took in those one side story, believed in someone who has made as much mistakes as I did, and choose to turn away from me. I worked with him in many important occasions, I learned to admire his strengths and accept his weaknesses. When people told me the bad feelings that they had about him, I used to defend him and tell them how lovely he is. This is how I treated my friends, every single one of them including those in the fan club, until they choose to turn away from me. They didnt even bother to listen to the other part of the story. Just because a guy cried and told them his story (maybe plus a good meal), they all became his fan club members. Great.

Am I now a threat to the society? Have i harmed you in any way? Maybe you feel that a bitch like me ought to be punished. But tell me, did I really harm you? I know I hurt somebody along the way with my mistakes, but certainly you are not involved. You're just an OUTSIDER. So if I didn't harm you or threaten the society? what's the motive behind your rumouring and boycotting on me? Don't try to tell me that you didn't. I can read the signs that are written clearly on your face. And you can't lie to yourself and the Almighty who's watching over us.

If one day, you get judged and rumoured, all i can say is that you deserved it; just like how I would tell myself that I deserve all these lamenting, boycotting and torturing blessed by you guys. So next time when you open your mouth, think twice of what you are going to say. What goes around comes around.

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