Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Funny Translation (courtesy of le squid)

Sun Yanzi - love pattern (original lyric refer to previous post)

Removes everybody the judgement to receive an electric shock opposite party illuminates
Likes the speech not being possible to say as soon as adds one is the standard answer
The racket tows lets person brave everything all us
Loves gigantic everybody no matter
Unceasingly increases price the dream to grasp the microphone crazily to sing
The palpitation also is separating with the rhythm airborne to sings

Is injured records in the bill accumulation debt disappointment
The happy recollection insufficiently also vainly hoped for does not have the means exchange
Deals with did not calculate the exaggeration simply mutually lies
Oh the friend says the ratio he is also good
Finally own supper appointment loses to working overtime
In the heart prepares to have to strengthen go go go

To two turns us the number to a number
Walks to as soon as walks to two walks to has a section
Your first I second start all like this
Now turn to who body on
To two starts the number to a number to have the component
Walks to as soon as walks to two a little is swaying
You said I think two love the patterns
Circulation actually identical appearance
Or an appearance

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