Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lazy... or Busy?

Ops, my laziness has struck again and I simply lost the motivation to write or upload anything.
I just don't understand why I'm so busy.
I can leave office at 5.15pm.
I got no husband or children to take care.
I got no second job, not even singing.
I dont need to do laundry or cook.

But I do go to gym twice a week.
I do spend one hour a day on TV.
I do spend an average of one hour a day chatting with friends (which I hope that it does help me to remain in touch with them).
I do spend an hour on dinner and chatting with my parents.
And of course one hour on the road travelling to work and back.
And occasionally one to two hours of cosy relaxing time at Garfield's place.

Weekends are always packed with gatherings with friends and family.
I'm still struggling to decide whether I should spend my weekends doing something "productive" (like singing) or spend them on "unproductive" activities like singing K with friends or playing mahjong with my aunties.
But frequent travelling makes it practically impossible for me to commit into singing.
At least from now till April, I don't see that I can stay in KL for 2 consecutive weekends.

Ok la, gotta get back to my spring cleaning.
My room is really messy now, since the last time I "cleaned up" was 7 months ago (before I started work), hahaha....

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