Friday, November 28, 2008


I guess I hold the record of attending the most PELTACs - very soon I'll be flying to JB for my 6th PELTAC =D (but my identity changes for each camp.)

Come to think of it, PELTAC has really shaped who I am today - my good old friends, my uni memories, and even my bf... they all have something to do with PELTAC.

Most of my friends whom I hold dearest to my heart are from PELTAC...
I still remember how I cried into YJ's big broad chest when I was slapped by a participant...
I still remember how I "dared" the SC to include cash flow game into the camp as long as I can find the money needed =P
Still remember how it felt to be DM... and I'm still very attached to many PELTAC DMs (my bf... YJ... and the upcoming DM)

Forever proud to be PELTACer!

p/s: If you don't understand the acronyms, just ignore this post =P but if you can understand what I'm writing here, it's time for you to give me a call and let's meet up for coffee =)


putojin said...

You are really what I would call a LEGEND! Cashflow has become your legacy after knowing that they will be having one for this year's camp as well. Kudos to you! I salute you for your commitment towards the cause of PELTAC :)

By the way, who's YJ ar??? Hahaha :p

Lazy Mouse said...

Who's YJ ar... I wonder whether his shoulder is still broad? (Or the waistline is catching up with the chest line?) =P