Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1st Anniversary of Working Life

My blog has been abandoned for quite some time. I was just too busy because of everything else - work, training, facebook, getting sick/getting rid of wisdom tooth....

On 18 June I "celebrated" my 1st anniversary of working life. I put this up in my MSN personal message, and guess what, most of the people who nudge me with their comments were pretty sarcastic. But truth is my 1st year wasn't really that bad - in fact much much better compared to my expectation.

In the past 12 months:
1. I flew more than the total accummulated miles that I flew in the 22 years before I started working.
2. I guess I had a real spike of my cholesterol level. I had oysters and lobsters and whatever good (aka unhealthy) food more than I have ever had.
3. I think I spent less money on shopping compared to uni time. Anyway I'm starting to get bored of my wardrobe.
4. Generally... I had a good time =) (especially having nice colleagues that you genuinely wish to hang out with after working hours!)

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