Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Lost and found

I have disappeared from here for quite a while. To tell the truth, I have been writing, but those posts... well, I kinda decided not to post them.

Right now I'm still considering how much "emotions" I would allow myself to display here. Recent lessons learnt taught me that I need to be extremely careful before I get used by others again. And certainly allowing others to peek too much into your head is not good, especially now that we're in the "real" world, dealing with many "real" selfish and materialistic people.

I am struggling to remain "pure" hearted and fighting to keep the bit of me who like to help people. But I do know that my helping hand is stretched very selectively now. Not to say that I'm not willing to help most people, but I'm extremely "selfish" to certain people now. I had to do so, before this people strip away my last bit of good will and faith in humanity.

I am just not as "selfless" as Harry Potter...

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