Wednesday, August 12, 2009


3rd flu in 2 months time - am really sick of getting sick.
The antibiotic is making me dizzy. Feel like walking in the cloud.
The noise coming from the neighbour's renovation work behind my room is driving me crazy. So is the hazy air and scorching hot weather.

Just wish to be healthy.
To be able to work late in the office.
Wanna go shopping (clothes, furniture, car).
Wanna go play badminton (tomorrow is the final match of the season!).

Guess the air outside of the ostrich hole is too hazardous.
Time to go back into my cosy hole?
And hopefully no more flu.

1 comment:

mv is coming to kl! said...


blame the ostrich hole pula...

get well!! get well!! I'm coming!! haha. drink lots of water, take vit. c, kisses, etc - whatever it takes!!

see you this weekend!! hohoho!