Sunday, September 16, 2007


Broke down last night, after fighting hard to all sorts of depressing matters in the past 2 weeks. I guess it's just part of an emotional cycle. We accumulate our depressions and unhappiness, wait until we reach our storage limit then we burst. Though I'm still in the recovery stage now, I must say that at least now, the scale of my breakdowns is much more manageable compared to the past. And I'm very grateful to have a super efficient "emotion" waste management system by my side =)

Many people may not understand what I see in him; to a lot of people, he's just another boy next door with no special ability. But to me, he has the very ability of making me a better person; at least now, I'm able to look at more things on the positive side, forgive others more easily (you have no idea how some bastards have attacked me recently), be more appreciative to things that are given to me, and in conclusion, I'm more happy with my life than I have ever been in my life.

But of course "more happy" doesnt mean that life is perfect. I still face numerous problems and doubts. But no matter how tough the road ahead is, we still need to move on...

Anyway, still a bit down now... later will "peras ugut" someone for something to cheer me up... maybe dessert will do... that's some kinda privilege that I hardly got to enjoy before this =P

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