Friday, January 9, 2009

Say No to War

Today, more than 5000 people have gathered in front of the US embassy to express their dissatisfaction, that US did not play their role in the pursuit of a permanent ceasefire between Israel and Palistine.

And today, Malaysia, a small country in the eyes of the world, has stepped up and called for a UN special session in hope to end the Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip.

Today, I'm proud to be a Malaysian.

This has nothing to do with being pro-Palestine or pro-Jihad. This has nothing to do on who started it first or who's supplying the arms to who. To me, and many many small people and small voices across the world, what mattered to us is that the killing of innocent people and children must be stopped immediately. Bombing of the UN schools is unacceptable. If violence is the only way to solve the problem, I have no problem for both sides to identify a battlefield which is free of civillians, they can fire as much bullets/rockets as they like and bring each other to hell.

As for you, who are reading this, please spend a few minutes to read through the news. Those who were sacrificed deserve a little bit of our time, as a citizen of the global village, let us all remember what had happened in the past 14 days (and unknown days to come).

God please have mercy....

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