Saturday, January 3, 2009

eFixed Deposit

Got a "brilliant" idea to share with you all... introducing the "eFixed Deposit"!

Instead of letting your money rot in the savings account, why not put your in FD using the eFD service? Let me show you some calculation....

Assume we have RM 3000...

1. Normal savings account ~
Max interest rate = 1.51% p.a. (you'll get this interest rate if your deposit amount is above RM 500k o.O")
Interest per month = 1.51% x RM 3000 / 12 = RM 3.78

2. eFixed Deposit (tenure = 1 month, auto-renew) ~
Interest rate = 3.0%
Interest per month = 3% x RM 3000 / 12 = RM 7.50
Note: by using 1 month tenure with the auto-renew function, it's just like another savings account. You can uplift your eFD anytime you want without losing much interest.

That's almost double the amount of interest that you can gain!!

It doesn't seem to be a lot... but with a few clicks, you can get 98% extra interest compared to normal savings account, that's really "no pain sure gain" =)

Note: the above scenario is based on Maybank system; CIMB's eFD does not provide you with the auto-renew convenience, and I just found out that it doesn't allow FD placements from joint accounts.

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