Monday, February 16, 2009

Ipoh Trip - 14-15 Feb 2009

We spent our Valentine's weekend in Ipoh with our newly-registered Mr and Mrs Lee, and also Mr Lee YJ =)

Again more than 90% of the shots were trashed.



This one is taken by Garfield...
Plant on Rock

Railway Station

View from Ipoh Railway Station


putojin said...

I rather prefer you didn't mention about me...make me sound like a big bulb only :p

Shyh Wei said...

Nice pic! especially with the framing ;)

Lazy Mouse said...

YJ: You were not a big bulb - just super huge! Hahaha... anyway it was really really nice of you to rush all the way to Ipoh to be their photographer =)

Weis: Thanks, frames do wonders to make pictures look "professional" =P