Monday, March 2, 2009

Blue Monday

Today... no good ah...

2 banks forcing me to visit them physically in order to get things done.
Issuing the 3rd cheque for my colleague just to pay RM 130 for his stay in company bungalow. (The part that I hate the most is, I have to go to the bank physically to cancel the cheque that he lost.)
My "brilliant" agent sent me auction property info via fax while I'm out of office. (Not sure what my boss/colleagues would think when they see those stuff.)
Cough starting to develop.
Wasted one whole morning in a meaningless meeting.

Perhaps the only good thing is - my senior took over most of my extra "work" that my lead engineer decided to make me do. Very thankful for that, even though I know my learning curve will slow down, but I assure you, having more than 3 packages/items that I am completely new to is destined to be disaster.

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