Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lead Engineer vs Graduate

You know what's the difference between these two?

1. Lead engineer is supposed to LEAD, not to approach the Grad with puzzled face asking for directions on how to review drawings or respond to site team queries.
2. Lead engineer has the right to delegate - but delegation does not mean that you wash your hands off the issues. And it certainly does not mean that you can sit back and wait for things to happen on its own.
3. Lead engineer is supposed to make the Grad's life easy, while the Grad will do her best to make you look good (that was the working mode, until the recent change). If the lead try to make himself look good without 1st making the Grad's life easy, beware of disasters - ain't no free lunch in this world, aye.
4. Lastly, of course, the paycheck.

(I guess by now you know what kind of lead engineer I have.)
(Also you should understand the reason for my recent craving for food + weight gain which then leads to the need for more gym sessions.)

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