Saturday, July 18, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me...

Happy birthday to me... the Ugly Betty...

I can't say that I'm not happy today - at least the wonderful 3.5 hours of Redbox session with some witty funny coursemates really made my day...
But I can't help to recognize the fact - the entire day passed just as any other Saturday - sing K, shopping, dinner at Dragon-i... nothing more nothing less...

No surprise.
No roses.
No teddy bear.
Only "let me pay for that blouse..."
Only "where you wanna have dinner?"
Which are normal anyway.
Nothing was even planned. (I organized the Redbox session myself. OK he booked the room for us.)

I guess that's how an Ugly Betty celebrates her birthday.
Or maybe that's how an Independent Woman celebrates her birthday?
(I really need to stop crying. I still have one hour of birthday left.)

Breathe. Smile.

Feeling 100x happier now - after getting roses and chocolates =)
Thank you all for the wishes...



MV said...

ugly betty?? you???!?

so not you..

don't cry... we will celebrate again when i'm in KL.


kC said...

there, there... if i can vouch for anything, is that you're not ugly...

there'll be better days... promise.

MV said...

yalor.. i agree.

pretty woman + pretty voice.