Monday, May 18, 2009


Been "quiet" here.
Been extremely busy - work, "part time" wedding planner, few dosage of "socializing" needs (which basically means different types/groups of gathering)

Still trying my best to fight off the negativity which came from the fact that my lead engineer is dependent on me o.O"

Today I really lost my head, and told him directly that
"There are things that graduate engineers are paid to do, such as reviewing drawings or attending courses or attending meetings to learn. Certainly reviewing HSE performance standards or design verification matrix should be lead's work."

Did that improve the situation? No. Cause the gap is still there (mainly knowledge on the project).

I'm losing the energy to even complain.

All I can do is - be quiet, do the work, and more work, and more work.
(20th is coming really soon.)

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