Monday, May 25, 2009

The Reason

This post is dedicated to the Stitch.

I was kinda quiet throughout the evening, not really because I don't have much to tell you. But I was distracted - thinking about what have I really achieved?

I guess it's a "depressing" thought when the best reason that we could come up for our job is money. I didn't want to accept that (though I myself is in a deep job-depression now).

To me, the main "driver" for me would be all the wonderful things that we could do with the money that we earned from our job, like...
buying Stitch dinner
buying my family dinner
sponsoring children
buying our new home
and knowing that we have money in our accounts when we need it for emergency

Maybe one of the reasons that I've allowed myself to dwell so deep in job-depression, is because I have forgotten to remind myself of all these REASONS...

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