Saturday, April 4, 2009

DCIM 2009 @ Midvalley - 28 March 2009

DCIM stands for Digital Camera.Imaging.Media.
It was a photography expo, while right next door to it there was a bridal fair.
Actually in conjunction with the expo, there was also a "Velocity Angel" search (some model competition) - which means... lots of Lengluis to shoot =P
But too bad all my shots turned out to be blur, cause I basically took the shots by holding my camera up high and just kept pressing the shutter non-stop (skill-less shots).

But luckily a few of the bridal gown shots can be salvaged...
Same "skill-less" shooting mode was used, it was by luck that I managed to get these...

Bridal Gown Model

Bridal Gown Model 2

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