Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mount K

It's a shame to admit - but I'm actually getting more and more nervous. 8 days to the hike. I almost fainted after 3.5 rounds of Batu Caves last weekend. I slipped and fell flat on the floor during shower on Sunday - and now my right arm aches. I have rashes on my legs cause I'm allergic to the Salonpas plaster. I'm no where near to "fit" and my confidence was flushed away in the toilet bowl.

This "vacation" is making me tensed, and tired.

Can I even make it to Laban Rata?

*What kinda vacation is this...*


putojin said...

I believe you can make it to the top...let me tell you this -- the view at the top at this time of the year is superbly AWESOME!!! Felt motivated yet? :p

Other than the basic necessities, make sure you bring along high-altitude-sickness pills, enough energy bars, wear the right shoes, get a "tongkat" (it helps a lot!), glooves, head mask, head lamp...(I'm not sure if I've missed anything, hehe...)

Forget about bringing your DSLR, use your compact camera will do...my compact camera degraded due to the climb :(

Good luck and enjoy! You'll remember the experience for the rest of your life :)

Lazy Mouse said...

Hey, what do you mean by your "compact camera degraded"? Totally rosak? Due to fogging within the camera?

Yeah I've got most of the stuff ready, just need to buy food this weekend =)

putojin said...

My compact camera still can be used, but the photo quality had been greatly affected, which I think is due to the fogging effect. Some of the photos taken after the degradation had even seem slightly distorted.

Anyway, it's good you keep your camera in a tightly sealed plastic bag with dehumidifier in it. I heard it helps.

By the way, if you're afraid your knees might get hurt, perhaps it's good to wear a knee guard too. The "tongkat" also helps to ease the burden of your knees.

mv said...

hey.. hey..

dun overstress yourself with the training. won't be good to fatigue yourself out, even before the climb!!

all the best!