Thursday, April 2, 2009

Melaka - 8th March 2009

Went to Melaka with Jwee's siblings - it was half an hour drive from Muar.

To me, Melaka = historical town. That is why most of the pictures are post-processed with traces of "nostalgia".

Trishaws in Melaka

Passage of Time

Canon Point


Flowers 2

Melaka River

Some cute stuff that I found in the food court =)
(I did not edit these pictures - they are original shots taken from a food court wall!)


And the Shin Chan Potato =)
Shin Chan Potato


putojin said...

You're really a pro now! Wish to learn from you some day...

Lazy Mouse said...

Wah don't say like that... paiseh...
I'm just beginner only, still got tonnes to learn =)

mv said...

like the melaka river one.. very nostalgic.. i think it would look nice in sephia also..

Lazy Mouse said...

MV: it's already in Sepia =) but not too heavy one...