Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Today is my last day before my working life starts... Spent whole day in Klang + Subang Parade...
Well, spending money always makes me feel happy =P
and today I spent Rm180 for my new pair of Nike...
I just need it, before i can go for any trials at gyms.
And i just got myself a free 7 days pass @ Celebrity Fitness Subang Parade =)
hopefully will be able to go there this coming weekend. I'm allowed to bring guests, so anyone who's interested pls sms me XD
OK. Back to topic. Father's Day. and so 3 aunties (including my mum) decided to buy 3 dads a dinner. And so we went to the new Restaurant Laut Sungai Yu @ Klang. The business is so good, until all the tables were reserved, and they had put their customers on schedule. 5.30pm one round, then 7pm another round. (same thing happened with our seafood dinner on mother's day) and they rejected at least another 10 tables of walk in customers, cause they just dont have enough tables.

Most of the dishes are normal stuff, but they're good =)
Fried Long Bean

Fried Mantis
Lala Fried Meehoon
Fried Oyster
Teo Chew Style Steam Fish

Fried Crab with Belacan and Curry leaves
OK la. That's all for tonight. Gotta go sleep and have a fresh morning for the new chapter of my life =)

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Lionel said...

how many can you bring? :p