Thursday, June 14, 2007

OGA 2007

Yesterday I have visited one of the most luxuriously decorated exhibition that I've ever seen. Probably that's because most of the time, I only visited some general themed expos such as the Matta Fair and Career Fair...

OGA - Asian Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition
13-15 June 2007
Kuala Lumpur Convention Center

I found out bout this expo from the paper, and coincidently Az sms me the same nite asking whether I'm attending this expo, and he said he's gonna buy me lunch =P Well of course with a free lunch awaiting (and I myself wanted very much to visit this expo), and according to az, plenty of freebies awaits... Haha...

I got there around 10.30am. The expo opens from 10am to 6pm on 13-14 June, and from 10am to 5pm on 15 June. But I had to queue up to register myself and redeem a visitor's pass, and the queue was almost half a mile long!!! (according to some Scomi ppl...) It took me one whole hour to line up just to get the entry pass... And I was already half dead when I got hold of it... (I was wearing high heels and office wear)...

And finally...

Aiya... wrong spelling of my name pulak... But I felt really happie to see my company's name =P

So I waited for Az and Usop to get their tags and we entered the expo. The 1st thing that I said to Az was..."see? SLB is always the biggest..." (he's gonna work for SLB)

SLB Booth

Honestly saying, this was the 1st time that I saw booth with 2 levels... maybe I'm too sua ku =P
I wonder how much they paid for this booth; they had a lounge on the 2nd level with couches, and they're giving out free coffees. On the ground level, they have their product and model displays and a counter giving out freebies (bags and pens).

Shell's booth

Very futuristic and classy booth, but probably because it's too spacious (and shell's not giving out freebies), it had less visitors. But it has a lounge and coffee counter too =)

Petronas' Booth

I think the most interesting part about Petronas' booth is their F1 Driving simulator. Anyone can try out on the simulator and the best driver of the day will win a prize =)
and the 2nd most interesting thing would be the complete map of Malaysia indicating all the oil and gas blocks along with their operators. That was really informative, especially for newbies like me...

Technip's booth

They've got a very nice SPAR model on display, and if you go near to it, one of their managers will enthusiastically explain to you how special their SPAR is, and how their global analysts team have made their SPAR stable itself without the need of mooring lines =)
And oh ya, their HR ppl asked me to promote on this - pass your resume to them and they'll give you an optical mouse for free!!

It was indeed a fruitful visit, not only I got to see all these interesting technologies, I also managed to meet up with friends and Gouramians =)

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