Sunday, June 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Garfield!!

Happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to garfield....
happy birthday to you =)

It's finally Garfield's birthday, and as I have promised, I have managed to gather a few of dearest friends to celebrate with him, we brought him to Chili's for lunch, and after that we watched Pirates of the Carribean 3. (what a typical KL-way to spend our weekend.. haha)

It was indeed a special gathering... among the 5 of us...
1 birthday boy who'll start working 2moro
another 2 guys have just started work last week
and another 2 person (including me) are celebrating our surprised 4 flat =P

Lunch @ Chili's 1U

Garfield always "dreamed" about Chili's food ever since he 1st tried it almost a year ago during Lio's bday at KLCC. But the main reason why I suggested to celebrate at Chili's is becoz...

The waiters there will gather and sing bday song for the bday boy... haha =) (they also gave us a free walnut brownie sundae which costs RM 9.95)

We ordered a starter (triple play) and one main course for each person...

Monterey chicken

Lamb Shoulder (their mashed potato is really really heavenly...)

Cajun Chicken sandwich

Garfield happily putting on more weight =P

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