Saturday, April 28, 2007

Empty house, empty room

My house is empty. Everyone's gone. My room is almost empty too. Feel so empty and lonely.
Feel really depressed. This room contains so much memories, but most of them must be disposed asap now. So i'm not gonna take photo of this room. Don't wanna remember.

I realized that most of my "true" friends who stayed with me through thick and thin, are mostly friends that I made during my 1st 2 yrs in UTM (and of course 95 % not my coursemates). The feeling came so strong when I had lunch with WT; i had barely talked to him in the past 3 yrs, but tat day, from the moment that we sat down in Atap house, we talked non-stop for the next 2.5 hrs. I didnt feel any distance between us, though we havent spoke for a long time.

I used to feel proud of my coursemates, thought I will be able to end the curse; seniors all told me that true friends come from activities, not among coursemates. I thought I could break this norm. But ended up getting burnt in the process of trying. WT is right. Coursemates are too nearby to you. And when coursemates gather, they dont have much constructive issues to discuss about, except of football, DOTA and gossips. (these 3 topics are seldom included in my conversations with my activity friends). He never fancied the idea of living among coursemates. But i told him my biggest mistake was to let/"force" my bf to know and live among my coursemates. (next time gonna keep my bf 1km away from my colleagues... muahaha)

But of course I still managed to find a few worthy friends among coursemates. I'm still grateful.

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