Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Law of Attraction - End of "Selfishness"

Ok ok. Happened to see "the Secret" - the book in MPH. God must be reminding me that the Law of Attraction is working. So gotta stop talking about selfishness, before i attract such "things" near me. Haha. Anyway I think I've expressed myself. These thought have been in my mind for quite long. (cant help, things keep happening). So now that I've penned them down, can discard them from my head already.

Now busy with packing up. I really have too much of belongings. Up till now, I already packed 5 Double A boxes, 3 big cartons, and 4 bags. Pretty much huh. And I'm still packing... Don know where to stuff all these things when I get home.

Btw, PAP interview is over, yay!! Now i'm really free from any student's obligation... muahaha...

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