Saturday, April 14, 2007

M.Sc in Offshore Engineering @ TU Delft

Ever since I lost my dreams 6 months ago, finally I found something wonderful as a new entry for my dream list. Today I spent some unproductive time to surf around the net for a post-grad program that focuses on offshore engineering. Seems like not many unis around the world are offering such program, but at last I found a perfect package offered by Delft University of Technology. This 2 years program is packed with basics of offshore engineering, and it also offers majoring in deepwater and subsea engineering. Browsing through the course brochure really made me feel excited.

So now I'll just have to discuss with my capability development manager once i'm onboarded about this plan of mine to further study in Delft. And another big issue will be $$$. But it feels so good to have something to daydream about =)

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