Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's over - my degree life has ended

Finally it's over. My degree life officially ended at 11.30am when my Coastal paper is over. Erm. Didnt really feel as excited as I thought I would. In fact I feel kinda lost cause I have nothing particular to do in the coming week, except of packing up and some farewell dinner/supper with a few of my beloved friends.

I don't really feel bad about ending my student's life. Maybe what has happened in this sem made me realize that, true friends will always be with you no matter how far we're parted. As for those unworthy ones, they just don't mean a thing to you even though they're staying with me under the same roof. At least once I move back to home, I no longer need to live with those who thinks that I'm unworthy. And I think God has been really kind to me, for He has placed all those who are worthy to me to be close to me when I start working. (and coincidentally all those that I do not wish to see to be faraway from me. haha. except for one. but I'm still grateful.)

Honestly saying, sometimes I really feel that God has planned everything well for me. If not because of this "tragedy", I would still remain as the arrogant, fiery me, which I think in no way Shell is gonna employ me. And I've certainly learnt a lot throughout this sem which I think has helped me to get ready for working life. And I'm very glad that amidst all the pressure and negativity around me, I still scored quite well for my coursework marks and I think I did a fairly acceptable job for my thesis. (compared to those who preferred to spend their precious time to spread negativity and disrupt world peace. muahaha.) And God has also helped me to filter out people who are just not worth my time to keep.

Feel so relief now. At least now I can write/say anything that I wish to say without having to put up any mask. So now, upcoming plans for this one last week in Skudai:

1. Eat durian with Eljay
2. Eat chicken wings with Mildred (why all seems to be eating??)
3. Dinner/supper with Chin Wee and Wan Tak
4. Hmm... oh ya... have tea with Boon Fei and check out his wedding photos =)
5. Visit Chun Ren and his lovely Aleydis =)
6. Pack up and go home!!!

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