Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Selfishness Part II

This morning as I happened to drop by one my housemate's blog, I saw that he has posted a blog complaining about how others have been acting selfishly around him. Of course what he depicted in his blog is true. We can't help but having people around us who would choose to protect their own benefit FIRST. And we cant really do much to these kinda people, except of we ourselves not becoming like one of them.

BUT... if you read his blog, he seemed to be complaining/blaming that these selfish people has resulted in him losing out some opportunities/information. And he's indicating that the RIGHT way of the community to deal with such people would be to boycott them.

Now. Firstly, of course everything would sound sensible, IF this man is one that is generous and accountable. Maybe he would feel fed up or pissed off when he has helping people but others repaid him with their selfishness. But did you realize that generous and accountable men such as Eljay and Daniel just wont complain over such issues? Truth is, this guy may be "generous" or overly generous in offering "advices" when it comes to non-academical issues (especially relationship), or he's sooo generous in sharing information that old audiences like me just dunno how many percent i can believe in. But when it comes to "solid" work accountability, i'm sorry to say that he has proven himself to be incompetent over this 5 years.

And now he's complaining that people hide information from him. I would not detest people who does so (like i said, its a realistic world), especially to him. If you want a share of others' generosity/respect, you gotta earn for it. Like me now. Many of those out there may think differently/badly about me. I cant complain cause I "earned" it myself.

So in this 5 years, how much good/contribution/use have you been to others? Group assignment especially? How many times have you been a passenger?? You're taking others for granted. So expect yourself to be taken for granted by others. Please keep your mouth shut, use your hand to prove your credibility instead of being a busy-body and continue to publicize on others' personal life.

It is inevitable that during this period of transition, when everyone is trying to sort out their future path, work/study, people may tend to reserve certain news to themselves. It's really normal, although this does not mean that we all should do so. Well. You can continue to complain there, but the world just wont change for you, and to me that is just like a 5 yrs old kid crying in the middle of the road begging for attention. (which adults will usually respond by smirking).

I myself believe in sharing and giving value to others. (note here, value, not some useless junk information). And all my close and important friends around me share the same belief. Those who don't believe in this just wont come into my inner circle. Important point is, if you wanna add value to others, you must be of value yourself. Do well in your job (eg studies) and build up your own credibility. Though now some people may think that i'm an absolute failure in handling relationship issues, but nobody can say that I'm a lousy student/worker.

So, no point complaining about how others have been selfish to you. Whether you're generous or not, accountable or not. Accountable men will become the source of information instead of waiting to be fed by others. If someone has been trying to act selfish, wish them all the best, and I see no harm of us finding another way out ourselves. But of course the best is, we ourselves must be generous in sharing before we expect others to share with us.

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curryegg said...

Hi there. I was attracted with your topic: Selfishness Part II.
I agree that how we treat others will affect how others treat us. It is just like a mirror. You smile, the image will smile to you. You cry, she/he will cry to you too.
I hope your friend will know this.