Saturday, April 28, 2007


Hi. Welcome to my blog. Initially I decided to put up a letter for CHS's fan club members; and at the same time I would also start to promote this blog publicly. But I decided not to put up that post. I've showed that post to a few friends and they've given me their feedback.

I guess they're right. It's been too long. Making explanations now would be too late to alter other's perception on the issue. It would not make much of a difference. And by revealing all these information, I will only create more reasons for people to gossip more.

I spent a whole morning writing that post. Cried all the way while I was writing. Can't help but cry when I slowly recount all the past that I had with him. But what has happened has happened. I'll just have to slowly clear off all these memories, and fill the void with details of my new life.

So for now. I'll still keep this blog as a private blog, reserve this little space of mine so that I can express myself and share my thoughts with my close friends as well as passer-bys.

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