Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Good Day

Today seems to be a rather productive day. I've managed to make good progress for my Econs revision, seeing that I only have one day to actually study this subject. Today is a good day too for my naps, I managed to get quality sleeps in 2 sessions of 30 mins nap. Good sleep really made my mood lift =)

Happy to hear that our Econs group project and Test 2 achieved good marks. Happy to find out that my Coastal carry marks is the 2nd highest (damn. always 2nd best to Eljay.) Happy to pick up my freshly bound thesis from Lily, until now everything seems to be alright.

Overall today is a good day. Except that my tummy is starting to feel hungry again. Grrr.

Anyway I sort of made some decisions today. I'll wait until the end of April. If till then nothing happens, I'll delete all the related people from my friendster list, change my profile to a restricted one, bar any possible means of letting him to peek on my life. Hehe.

Then it'll be a REAL start of new life.

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